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Why You Shouldnt Be Afraid Of Wireless Routers And Networks

Many people are afraid to consider a wireless router because wireless routers are relatively new technology. But wireless routers can really simplify Internet access in your home, small business, or large company. With a regular Windows Internet network you are easily able to access the Internet from any of your computers that are connected to the Network. Most small businesses are extremely happy with this type of set up.

The problem that many businesses run into is that the modem has to be on before any of the other computers are able to get Internet. For businesses that are use to turning off all their equipment in the evenings, remembering to turn the modem on in the mornings can become an ongoing issue. Sometimes employees may even spend hours with technical support trying to figure out why their Internet is not working, when the problem is simply that the modem was never turned on.

A wireless router can solve this dilemma very inexpensively. With a wireless Internet router all your computers can have Internet accesses easily without worrying about the modem computer being turned on first. Plus employee laptops can easily access reports and other business material without first having to save information to a disk and transfer it to their office computer. When looking for a wireless router you need to look for both price and quality.

You definitely do not want to skimp on this piece of equipment. Look at the speed of the router as well as its range. You want to make sure that you choose a router that will be able to handle the Internet access for all your office computers, this means finding a router that has enough speed to comfortably keep all your employees connected to the Internet at the same time. Residential customers and very small businesses are all finding the convenience of wireless Internet a great thing. The easy of use that a wireless router provides is perfect for almost any person or business. Plus you don't have to be a technical genius to install a wireless router at home or in a business.

Most wireless routers simply get plugged into a hi-speed Internet line and you go through a basic step by step computer set up. Some computers don't even need a set up process and they will automatically recognize the wireless router and connect to it. After plugging in your wireless router you might need to have a brief conversation with your Internet provider to register your device and confirm your set up. But after that, you are really off and running.

You can connect as many computers as you would like to your system and easily use laptops throughout the office. Plus you will no longer be wasting man hours trying to figure out why your Internet is not working, when the problems was simply that the main modem computer had not been turned on yet.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as wireless internet accesss at

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