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Let's say you're wondering whether or not to buy a mobile phone or what you should get. It's amazing that you've gone on long enough without one but I'd have to say that in this day and age, everyone needs a cell phone. Even if you're not into fancy features and services, at least get a basic mobile phone to make calls. But if you could learn how to get the most out of your cell phones, perhaps you would consider getting a really nifty one? Most people don't consider it important but reading your mobile phone manual can actually net you some cool pieces of information.

Plus, cell phones these days have very easy-to-read manuals and by reading it, you could discover some extra features you didn't know about. And you'd never know when these extra features could come in handy. For example, most cell phones have phone books that are packed with extra features that you might not have known about. They can sometimes store up to 500 entries. And for each entry you may be able to store multiple phone numbers, their email addresses and even make notes about them! This is especially useful for keeping track of your business contacts. If you check your mobile phone, you might find a feature called Voice Commands.

It allows you to dial numbers just by reading out a name. This is known as the Voice Activated Dialing and is extremely popular due its convenience. Depending on the cell phone model you get, you might be surprised with the long list of voice commands you can give to your phone.

For those who can't afford a digital camera but have always been wishing for one, take a look at a camera phone. The quality of the integrated camera phones in the market are improving rapidly and the feature is really handy for spontaneous snapshots. Apart from voice commands and the ability to take pictures, there are loads you can do with a mobile phone these days.

So if youre curious enough to check out the latest cell phones and accessories in the market, then get online today! There's really no better place to look for a mobile phone. Whether you're shopping for something new, something used or even some really good deals, you can find them all when you shop for cell phones online. Some quick FAQ's 1. What's the difference between analog and digital phones? Analog phones operate on an older and less effective technology. This technology doesn't scale well and is more costly. Analog service is not compatible with numerous new features.

Digital phones are lighter and more compact and have a longer battery life. When you are inside of a calling area the quality is better than analog. Digital phones support new features like caller ID, text messaging or wireless internet services. 2. What is a Dual Band Phone? A Dual band phone is a phone that can operate on an analog and digital service.

3. What type of battery has the longest life? Lithium-Ion or Li-Ion batteries have the longest life. They also happen to be the lightest in weight. The two pluses means there is minus attached, which is price.

A li-ion battery will always be the most expensive type of battery available.

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Cell Phones Mobile Phones - Let's say you're wondering whether or not to buy a mobile phone or what you should get.


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