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Free SMS worldwide from your Mobile

Everyday across the world several billions of SMS are sent and most of them carry personal messages sent mostly by youths for staying in contact with their friends. But in the recent years, the popularity of SMS has increasingly spread in business sectors also. Larger companies have adopted SMS as a cheap and effective marketing tool as it delivers the company's message to its audience. The major areas where SMS marketing is used are banks, drink firms, entertainment and leisure venues. Along with SMS, the MMS, which includes picture messaging, is also increasingly becoming an essential marketing tool by these organizations.

This is possible after the development of needed software and tools that allows your SMS and MMS from your desktop through a web-based service or by using downloaded software. Through SMS marketing you can send large number of SMS at one time. SMS marketing can be sent according to your convenience and it won't immediately disappear like emails and other means of communications. So, by SMS marketing, your text message reaches the target market within seven seconds and you will receive immediate response for your announcement, offer or message.

It also helps in building new relationships and regular text messages will keep you in contact with existing customers and so brand loyalty is maintained. But, you have to remember that the characters in your text message are limited to 160. So it is essential to create a text message which is clear and concise.

When you use SMS as your business-marketing tool the regulatory procedures are similar to email marketing. Collection of cell phone numbers of users is the first step in SMS marketing. You should get the agreements of each recipient and failure of this can lead you to pay fine for every occurrence under the Data Protection Legislation. After getting agreement from the target market, their telephone numbers list that has been collected can be loaded easily into the software. This software will generate the text messages to the target audience list and also you don't have to retype the SMS several times to different mobile numbers. As a marketing tool, SMS text messages are used in many other ways also.

If you use key words similar to keywords used by the consumers, they accept your message you are promoting. You can use the five digit text number short cut codes that helps in receiving the responses and handling them automatically. The received responses are delivered to your desk by using email. As the numbers of mobile users are getting increased everyday, the SMS marketing, is the most attractive advertising medium for major companies. To get the advantage of mobile marketing the mobile users can get registered with advertising companies and in turn the advertisers will contact them. The advertisers send SMS based on the users locality, age, sex, interest, occupation and several other parameters.

After the advertisers acquire SMS credit, the SMS text campaign is run. Users who have paid will be receiving regular SMS from the advertisers. The marketing company for the course of action involved uses a part of the commission. SMS marketing benefits both the advertiser and the user.

SMS marketing is a great tool for the companies to create, build and maintain relationships with customers.

Visit for a detailed study on various forms of SMS and how short messaging can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

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