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Why HP Toner Cartridges Are The Best

The HP toner cartridge produces work that is unmatched by any of the competitors in the industry. Whether it is a photo or top presentation for the board of directors you can rest assured that your end product will be one that is excellent. Toner cartridges are ink filled reservoirs that are used in printers around the world. These printers can be found in business, homes and stores.

The use of printers and toner cartridges has improved lives greatly. Families are now able to take pictures with their digital camera and print the photos right in the comfort of their own home. Instead of trusting your precious memories to just anyone you can now depend on a HP toner cartridge to allow you the ability to print just about anywhere that you can use your printer. HP toner cartridges have allowed for employees and managers to produce topnotch work from their desktop printer.

The ability to create documents in color and have the professionalism that is obtained with the use of the HP toner cartridge is very important to business. If you are preparing a business proposal to give to a prospective client you want to ensure that it is professional and clear. Otherwise the proposal could make a negative statement about your business. The manner in which toner cartridges are compared is how many print jobs that they can perform before the installation of another cartridge. Another comparison is how efficient they are at producing quality of the document that they are printing.

While many toner cartridges can print photo quality or so they claim, you can examine the photo and tell that the clarity and intensity of the color is just not the way that it should be. The colors and clarity can change the beauty of a photo if it is not of good quality. The HP toner cartridge is of excellent quality. They last longer than the competitors and their printing capabilities are superb. Toner cartridges are not cheap so before the purchase of a printer that uses toner cartridges make sure that you have one that is HP cartridge friendly.

Some of the competitors produce toner cartridges at lower costs but the catch is the quality of the print and also how frequently you have to replace the cartridge. As precious as photos and other documents that you are printing you must not settle for anything other than the HP toner cartridge. A perfect example of a quality heavy-duty toner cartridge is the Q1338A toner cartridge designed for use in the HP LaserJet 4200 series printers. This cartridge will print 12,000 pages at a typical coverage of 5%. It is also equipped with a electronic chip that keeps track of usage and can inform the user or administrator when it is time to reorder more toner.

You can find the HP Q1338A toner cartridge at

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