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For many owning a sports car, designer suits and expensive watches is a dream only possible in the movies. Even as children we are almost programmed to turn and look at the beautiful sleek sports car as it cruises through the town. Sports cars are the zenith of motoring and something which people dedicate their lives to. These are a symbol of success and money which attracts many women and make men jealous. Everyone can name at least one sports car, Ferrari's, Porsches, Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lotus and Lamborghini to name just a few. So what is the appeal of such unobtainable cars? Sports cars aren't for convenience or practicalities; they are purely made to be beautiful and luxurious.

Why is it that so many of our own screen hero's don't drive practical 4x4's or be economically friendly and cycle? Can we really picture James Bond turning up to save the world in a 5 door hatchback? No. Sports cars do exactly what they say on the tin. They are fast; they only hold 2 people and don't worry about space for things like groceries. Sports cars were initially manufactured for the affluent classes as the "ordinary" cars of the day were dull and boring and practical.

Sports cars provided the luxury of speed, safety and comfort. For those who buying a car is not a necessity but a pleasure, you can buy and sell sport and luxury cars by visiting which is a classified specialized in such cars. If you need more information about such automobiles or to have a picture for your desktop until you can buy a real one, visit

the automobile Portal and image gallery where you can find latest news and images for different cars. You can complete your man about town image by buying the latest fashion and accessories from Armani, Brioni (Suit maker for James Bond), BOSS, Kiton and Ralph Lauren or expensive cigars and watches like Cartier and Breitling from some of web sites that offer these products at more reasonable prices such as which is a Portal for luxury and designer products. Here is your chance to live the life that seems only possible in the movies, what are you waiting for?.

Written by Jim Ross. Find the latest cars for sale at this Buy, sell sport and luxury cars as well as an Automobile Portal and image gallery or Shop Armani, Ralph Lauren, Boss and other luxury and designer products

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