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Sharing Photos Online What Should I Know About Sharing Pictures Over The Web

A disadvantage of sending digital picture files online or through the email is the large sizes, especially if several are sent. To avoid this, it is best to resize them first. Three things are necessary for this: the digital pictures that are being sent; a computer with Internet access; and a picture editing, and an email program. To reduce the resolution, first open the picture in the editing program such as PhotoResizer, an easy to use software that you can download for free, from ShowYourPhotos.

com. The next step is to open the Image Size or Resize box - usually located in the toolbar menu. If the pictures are to be printed, set the resolution at 225 dpi or ppi. If the pictures are going to be viewed on screen, set it at 72 ppi or dpi. Also, remember to constrain the proportions, as the picture will appear to be lop-sided otherwise.

Something to remember is that the higher the resolution, the better quality the picture will be on the other end. And by reducing the size of the picture, the time will be lessened to send it, so a good size is 3x5 or 4x6 in the Image Size. Click Ok, then Save As - giving the picture a new file name, saving it under JPEG. This saves the original photo for future use.

Once you open the email program, attach the photo, so remember where you saved it. If you have several photos that you want to share, you can use a web-based photo album and control access to it with a password. If you want someone to see an album, e-mail a link to them that allows them to access it. There is no need for attachments and no slow uploads or downloads. For more control over your photos, you can maintain your photo albums at your own website.

Hosting can cost as little as $50 a year. Some of the paid Web hosting services you can consider are Webshots, Pbase and Photosig. Another one is Kodakgallery.

com where they walk a person through putting together an online album. You can also use an online printing service like Club Photo, which will keep your online photo album for $25 a year. It will also take orders for prints from people you allow to access your albums for a fee. Prints can also be ordered on cards, calendars, mugs, etc. There is not a thing that cannot be done with digital photographs online for birthdays, holidays, or special events.

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