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New Motorola Phones Are On The Horizon

Ron Garriques, president of the Mobile Devices Business division at Motorola, has announced Motorola's strategy for 2007. He stated that Motorola would like to, "grow profitably with wickedly compelling products and rich experiences". They hope to make their strategy a reality with "quality and efficiency". Motorola has announced that they will be releasing 3G versions of two of their very popular new handsets. The 3G Rizr will be released as the Rizr Z8, and the 3G Krzr will be released and the Krzr K3. "3G" stands for third generation, and integrates broadband technology into the phone handset.

The technology allows for faster transfer of data, giving the phone faster downloads for the internet and all types of media. 3G technology has become quite necessary in the video age, giving greater bandwidth to users. Motorola says that they are pushing this effort in order to make the mobile experience for fun and powerful for its users.

They want to see progress in mobile gaming, television, and internet, which all would need more bandwidth that has been available. Streaming television requires the most bandwidth, and Motorola wants to be the first to offer a handset that can handle fully this technology. Cell phone service companies will also have to step up in order for these technological aspirations to become reality. In truth, none of the major providers offer enough bandwidth to offer these services.

Their networks will need some upgrading, so pressure from handset manufacturers should be a great thing for consumers. Motorola has also confirmed officially the existence of the Scpl platform, which has been talked about now for about a year. The Scpl, pronounced "scalpel" will be a 3G handset built on an amazingly thin platform. The scalpel has been talked about in forums now for quite some time; there is already a remarkable buzz over the model. The Scpl will bring a much-needed, high-end handset to Motorola.

They have been missing a high-end model ever since the Razr evolved into a low-end phone. Inevitably, every model degrades eventually. The Razr stayed high-end for some time. Motorola should be able to increase profitability, as high-end models normally have greater margins for profit.

The new MotoMing is a clamshell that Motorola has announced for its media-hungry users. The model is a clamshell with a clear upper shell, allowing users to see the screen without flipping the phone open. The phone was built for video downloading and television streaming. Motorola is making these recent efforts and part of a plant to increase their brand equity, which should make the company much more profitable. They made obvious strides with the Razr, and are now planning their next generation moves. The Scpl may be the next big hit; it will be the thinnest and smallest phone ever made.

The integration of 3G technology into a handset that size will indeed be revolutionary. We predict that Motorola will have a great year in 2007. They have new products that are revolutionary. Their major aesthetic changes have made the company a big-time player in the mobile handset business. They should continue to gain market share in the upcoming years.

The MotoGuru writes about motorola phones. He has discovered that there will be a new Moto called the Motorola Scpl.

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