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Is It Possible To Put YouTube Videos In A Powerpoint Presentation

This is a good question and the answer to this question is yes, you can put a YouTube video into a power point presentation. However, there are certain procedures you must do to get this accomplished. There are actually two essential steps to insert a YouTube video into a power point presentation. Obviously, the first step in doing this is to download the video you want in your power point presentation to your computer. There are a variety of web sites that you can ultimately visit to obtain a URL allowing you to do this.

Once you have done this, you simply click on that URL and follow the directions accordingly. Remember, when you are prompted to save the video to a file or folder you should choose a folder or file that you will be able to find later. Then just start the download. In some situations the download will start automatically. In some it won't. Once the video is downloaded onto your computer, you then bring up your power point presentation that you want the video inserted into.

The video formats usually accepted by power point are asf, wmv, mpeg, and avi. You have to be sure that the video or movie is copied to the same folder as the power point presentation in order for it to work as well. The two files must remain in the same folder, or unfortunately the presentation with the video inserted into it isn't going to work effectively. Sometimes in the newer versions of power point, you can get assistance or view a help page should you get confused or stuck on a certain issue about inserting the video into your presentation. In addition, the power point program is designed to offer prompts allowing you to have some of the procedures done automatically. Depending on the size of the video will probably determine just how long it will take to actually get the video into the presentation.

Also, you might be prompted to convert the video into the proper format in order for the video to run in the power point presentation correctly. If you are prompted and the video isn't showing up, then this procedure might have to actually be done manually. Be sure to educate yourself a bit on inserting videos into the power point presentation before you actually begin, or you may find that you have to make several attempts at getting it right.

If for some reason you do have difficulty, there are various web sites via the Internet that can offer some information and assistance on the issue or issues you are basically having trouble with. Amazingly, many individuals have started out with the idea of putting a video into the power point presentation, and have essentially given up on the idea because they didn't read up on how to do it at the beginning, and made a dreadful mess of things. This is why it is so important to do this first, so you have somewhat of an idea on how to do it the right way. More power point presentations today are including videos and they are from YouTube; however there are some videos that are from other sources too. The point is that power point presentations that include videos are becoming popular, and are proving to be effective in the presentation environment as well.

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