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Everybody should know that one minute consists of sixty seconds. But according to IDT lots of telephone card corporations only give customers 36 seconds in a minute. Lots of well-known companies asserted that it can't be any fair rivalry if one of competitors has got unfair advantages before the start of a competition. As different corporations-providers of prepaid phone cards resorted to the unjust rivalry actions, IDT/UTA (Union Telecard Alliance) decided to exonerate their rights utilizing the legal ways. According to IDT media survey, some of their competitors just give 60 percent of the declared minutes to the client. In November 2007 Total Call International, Inc.

and IDT/UTA have reached a full resolution of the lawsuit delivered by IDT Telecom, Inc. and Union Telecard Alliance, LLC against Total Call. That brings to four the amount of accused groups which have resolved the litigation initiated by IDT/UTA earlier this year. Epana Networks, Inc.

, Dollar Phone Corp. and connected structures, and Locus Telecommunications, Inc are also attracted into the trial. IDT/UTA's suit versus the remaining defendants is still continuing in federal court in Newark, New Jersey. To let everybody know the new phone service conditions and payment methods, one of the companies placed the advertising notice on their website. One of the features he takes pride in was the ability to set the length of the minute to any size. Another characteristic was to stochastically keep back a minute from your balance.

Further, they said that these standards are not their discovery, but are the rules for all phone card companies. That is true, because revising all the new advertising announces you can find the same information. That purports that the international phone card, which is purchased for $10.00, gives you 1000 minutes for conversations! Please, select the calling card properly to evade the ability of being deceived.

The good news is that the companies noticed above have agreed to deliver 100 percent of the units prescribed to users. IDT/UTA thinks that if all the accused agree with introduction of new standards, that would be better for them, as the judicial authority would try them more softly. They have to agree to provide industry best usages and standards that protect consumers of pay before hand card services and that set up a level playing field for all corporations that , and supply telecommunications services for, pay beforehand cards. They will attempt to design the mathods for testing the capability of pay beforehand phone cards to deliver the number of minutes prescribed for private destinations.

All the companies came to terms that every of them has to do its best to solve this objective as soon as possible.

Sean Gleering is a researcher in telecommunications area and writer of many articles on prepaid phone cards. For more data visit our site. Sean Glearing is a successful writer on the subject of international phone card for various telecommunication journals. For more information come to our site.

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