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fixing the red lights on your xbox

If you have some hardware then there will be a breakdown that happens regularly and it happens when you deeply immersed in the middle of something that you may know. As in PC that it has the infamous 'Blue Screen of Death' in similar manner Xbox 360 has the great '3 Red Rings of Death'. If any problem occurs to your console then there is nothing to worry about it. In almost all cases the 3 Red Light errors can be fixed on your Xbox, but there are few problems that can not be solved by you. You can try these tips if any problem occurs.

1. First put your hand on the console and if it feels excessively hot, just switch off the power and unplug the Xbox. Take it out and put it in some open place to cool down. And in the future see to it that the Xbox has a lot of ventilation while being used, it is preferable to place it in and open area.

The vents of the console should never be next to the wall, this prevent air from circulating in and around it and thus cooling its components. 2. Then the Xbox which is unplugged for cooling take for blower of the vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer with cold blower option and blow the dust trapped within the console. This dust can also cause while overheating. And also remember that never blow the hot air into the console. After it has completely cooled down plug it back and check if the 3 Red Lights error has gone.

If the error has not disappeared then you need to think about what to do next. If the warranty of your console has not expired then it is easy to send it for repairs or replacement - and remember once it is in the warranty center it would take at least two months to return. Another option is also available to this problem, you can repair it yourself. There are some guides that really help you step by step to overcome from the problem of 3 Red Light errors. And it is the excellent option if the warranty of the console has expired or if you can't wait for two months. If you don't want to send the console to the warranty center even though it was under warranty period, then you can repair it yourself.

But it's all up to you since opening the console while it is in warranty period may cancels the warranty. But solving this error is simple and easy. And there is a possibility that without opening your console can repair your console, by doing this your console gets repaired and at the same time your warranty is safe.


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