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Beating the High Price of Gasoline with Biodiesel

With the price of traditional fuel rising faster everyday, people everywhere are looking for alternatives. Electric cars were once touted as the way to save the environment and beat the cost of gasoline, but they are so expensive that very few people can afford to save money by purchasing one. Alternative fuels have long been discussed as a way to cut fuel prices and help the environment, but with the specialized engines they require, and their inability to pass the regulation tests required by the EPA, they have been a disappointment. The more solutions that are offered to the problem of high fuel costs and dangerous emissions, the further it seems we are from a solution.until now. There is a fuel alternative that is all that it has promised to be and more.

Biodiesel is not only cost effective it is environmentally friendly, as well. Biodiesel is completely biodegradable and made from renewable resources. That means that when you use biodiesel to power the engine of your car you aren't robbing the earth of the riches meant for your grandchildren to enjoy.

Unlike the previous vegetable oil based fuels that can only be used in modified, specially made combustion- ignition engines, biodiesel can be used in its basic form to power the everyday diesel engines on the market today. That means that a simple to make batch of biodiesel could be used to power the family car on its daily errands. Biodiesel is registered with the EPA as a legal motor fuel meaning that it can be sold and distributed just like the gasoline you pump into your car at the gas station.

Unlike traditional gasoline, biodiesel isn't as widely available for the average consumer. It can be purchased directly from distributors and manufactures and it is sold a few select stations around the country. If you are interested in trying biodiesel in your car, your best chance of finding it is to make it yourself. The process is surprisingly easy and the ingredients are readily available. By simply mixing lye, alcohol, and vegetable oil in the right amounts, you can great biodiesel.

This economical alternative fuel is made through the simple chemical process of transesterification. During this process, the glycerin is removed from fat or vegetable oil. The process naturally leaves behind byproducts, including methyl esters, which is the chemical name for biodiesel, and glycerin, commonly used in soap production. Biodiesel is completely free of sulfur and aromatics, something that can't be said about traditional fuels. Batches of biodiesel can be mixed up in small or large sizes and if done effectively will end up costing about seventy cents a gallon.

Learn more about Biodiesel as a fuel for the future. You can also learn how to make your own Biodiesel at home!

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