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AT THE END OF THE RACE The Game System Out Today PSP Made By Sony

I think it started About 20 years ago,all I wanted a (Atari7800)game system and by me already knowing I am the spoil one,I thought it would be given to me with no problem by mom.I seen it on the television set one day and I built my heart up to ask her and she saidnopeMy heart dropped from being rejected straight towards the floor and she kick it out of the window with no problem. I went to my room with my head down and closed the door.

I stayed in my room for days and I didnt come out unless it was time to eat,wasnt speaking to my mother ever again I said.I wasnt mad at her,I was mad at myself for being a bad kid (talking to Myself). Now you know it do not pay to be a bad kid,it has no rewards as you can see,Its time for a change of life so I can hear the word yes a Little bit more than (NOPE),that word kind of hurt a bit.But I got over it quickly and started being almost all the things a good son is suppose to be.I kept the house nice and clean Everyday so when mom came home she wouldnt argue at me and Little Sister for trashing the house while she was at work.

It was 4 of us (3girls and 1boy).I am the spoiled one! so you can see why it hurt me so much to be(rejected).I kept my good deeds going on,I started loving the way our house smelled and looked so clean.Time went by being a boy.

I stopped hanging with the other bad kids,time went by and something even better came out Nintendo 64 (NES) all across my television screen another(MOUTH DROPPER!)
It had better graphics, better games,it was just better! Here I go again asking mom and once again she said NOPE That word!I almost flip out and told my mother a thing or two; it was almost a month before Christmas.By that time I was a little bit bigger,And my mouth had grew to be a smart one,About two weeks later I was taking a nap and my little sister woke me up and asked me a very stupid question, She called my name and then asked me was I scared of a stick this big I was Mumbling in my sleep when she asked.I remember saying NO and closed my eyes,then some time late when I was just lying down with my eyes closed.
(IM UP NOW SHE WOKE ME!)I felt like someone was standing over me. (ITS HER AGAIN!)I opened my eyes and looked at her,then she said one more time with her hands behind her back,are you scare of a stick this big.


About the Author (text)Marcellus Lee
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