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Arm Your PC Against Attacks

Anyone who uses the Internet needs to arm their personal computer against potential attacks from hackers. You need to install a reputable Antivirus program, keep the virus definitions up to date and allow the program to work when it runs. You also need to be aware of the sites you are visiting and watch for suspicious behavior of the websites you use online. Be cautious when you enter passwords that you are in the right site and that the security certificate matches.

When doing online banking, for example, you should see https:// www. yourbank .com the -s- after http is an indication of -secure-. In the bottom right hand corner of your screen you should also see a padlock indicating the security of the website.

Is this enough? Unfortunately, it's not. Hackers and Spyware authors send malicious software out into cyberspace every day looking to prey on unsuspecting individuals. These packages can come in disguise.

They can look like shareware or freeware, they can be free toolbars or system enhancers, and they can be embedded in an executable file disguised as a short movie or joke. There are a number of ways for these products to infiltrate your computer. Using an anti-spyware software package to arm your pc against these attacks is as critical as guarding your passwords or installing Antivirus on your system. You need to safeguard your privacy and your identity.

Although that bank website might be safe on the bank's end, on your end your computer may have a sneaky little program in the background recording every keystroke that you type. This could create huge problems and headaches for you. A software package should not only clear existing spyware off your computer but should also continually search for new threats much in the same way antivirus software continually searches new viruses. Spyware software should update its definitions for the latest spyware programs that come out and should let you know what it's doing on your computer and what it's found. The consequence of not using software to combat this problem could be considerable wasted time on your part waiting on slow moving programs, exiting out of annoying pop-ups or worse, identity theft and loss of privacy.

Imagine your computer out there exposed to bullets flying freeform everywhere (the spyware) and the spyware software a catcher's mitt that catches the spyware and stops it from scoring a home run by stealing your information from your computer.

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