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IT System manufacturers typically attach a lifecycle somewhere between six months and one year to their computer technology products. After this period, the manufacturers will discontinue these products in an effort to make room for the newest in cutting edge technology. These products are often not compatible with existing technology, which is both frustrating and expensive for businesses and individual end users. Many organizations and individuals are now turning towards computer secondary market providers and partners to help alleviate this problem.

Short computer product lifecycles affect enterprises and the public sector on many levels and at many stages, including planning, buying, upgrading, and accessorizing an IT infrastructure. Organizations within the computer secondary market are catering to the end users, both business and the public, in an effort to help to extend the life of computer and other technology products, Sometimes life spans on technology products will be extended by as much as three fold, which obviously has huge implications to the bottom line of those making IT investments. So how does the computer secondary market work?

In a nutshell, a reselling partner will purchase large quantities of older technology products directly from the IT manufacturer. The manufacturer is happy to remove these products from their shelves at discounted rates for two reasons. The first is that they must make room for their newer computer equipment and technology products. The second reason is that, by carefully choosing reputable partners for their secondary market programs, they able to satisfy existing customers without compromising their ability to attract new customers in the primary market.

Once the reselling partner has purchased directly from the manufacturer, it will then offer the existing technologies to enterprises and individuals, usually for lower prices than it was originally sold for at retail outlets, or even by the manufacturer, itself. This enables IT users to purchase discontinued replacement parts, upgrades and even accessories long after the products have been removed from the primary market shelves.

The leading and most reputable resellers will often have a huge and diverse inventory of discounted products acquired from most, if not all, of the major computer equipment manufacturers. As an added bonus, because the focus of these resellers is not to sell only the "latest and greatest" in technological equipment, they seem to have a certain determination to find the perfect fit for an organization or individual. There are technology resellers within the secondary market that will offer worldwide online customer service and support, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

These resellers are working with the original equipment manufacturers and will help to reduce the costs of a typical IT infrastructure. With a commitment to technology platform maintenance and longevity, they will often advise and provide perfectly suited solutions to an organization's unique needs and system requirements. They may also be able to assist with leasing options or other considerations as manufacturers are not the only organizations that resellers may work with to provide all encompassing solutions for their customers. With such short lifecycles attached to computer technology products, it is only logical that so many organizations and individuals are now turning towards computer secondary market providers and partners to help alleviate this problem.

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